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Welcome to Acts Chiropractic Center
Chiropractor Serving Parkland, Spanaway and South Tacoma

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Tacoma chiropractor,call 253-535-6677 today!

Acts Chiropractic Center has been proudly serving the Spanaway, Parkland, South Tacoma, and surrounding areas since 1985. Our office is dedicated first and foremost to serving the needs of our patients.  We become personally involved with our patients and their care, because we believe that each person is an individual, and has specific needs that we can help to fulfill.  We can serve you better if we know more about your life and history, so we thoroughly learn about your health habits, diet, lifestyle and history of any injuries.  These injuries can range from headaches, sciatica, job injuries, car accidents/collisions, arm/leg pain, neck pain and low back pain to name just a few.  We work together to personalize care, to get to the root causes of your health problems and help you regain and maintain the abundant health you deserve to have!

Acts Chiropractic Center offers our patients the convenience of complete wellness care at one location central to people who live in Parkland and surrounding areas with the latest techniques and technology.  Our patients range from young children to the elderly, because generally, everyone can be helped by natural and holistic chiropractic care. Located just steps away from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) we also proudly serve many students and faculty and provide convenient times available for those with busy schedules.  

As a chiropractic office we concentrate on the spine and nerve system, reducing any disturbance in the nerve pathways with gentle spinal adjustments, to enhance nerve control of all the functions in your body.  It is the brain and nervous system which control and coordinate the function of every organ, tissue and system.  We perform various types of adjustments to correct any mechanical dysfunction in the spine, extremities (arms, legs, shoulders, hands, ankles, etc.) or TMJ.  Dr. Salmi has been serving the southern communities of Tacoma since 1997, specializing in Advanced Activator Methods, a gentle and precise way to treat patients with no twisting or popping.  This method is especially helpful for more difficult cases including pre/post-surgical, car accident collisions, job injuries, infants, pregnant women and the elderly.  In cases where it may be helpful, we also have licensed massage therapists on staff trained in deep tissue massage, as well as traction therapies to alleviate pain, improve function and reduce inflammation.

This whole person approach is why we can get such excellent results. We attempt to restore proper function in the nerve system by reducing mechanical problems in the spine and joints to alleviate pain, inflammation and aid your body's biochemistry (without drugs) through diet and nutrients when necessary.  If this safe and effective, holistic approach makes sense to you, call us.  First, make a commitment to yourself, then call to make an appointment.  If we can help you, we'll tell you.  If we can't, we'll tell you where you need to go. If you live in the Spanaway, South Tacoma, or Parkland area, there is no better time or place to start getting your health back on track!

Call Today! 253-535-6677

Services Offered

  • Multiple Full-body Chiropractic Techniques (Advanced Activator Methods rating)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Traction Therapy
  • Spinal Exercises
  • X-ray Facility on Site
  • Computerized Spinal Scan/sDTG (painless test of nerves, muscles and inflammation)
  • Patient Education (to help make more informed decisions about your body)
  • Athletic Assessment (of amateur and professional athletes)
  • Pediatric/Geriatric Chiropractic Care
  • Stress Reduction
  • Rehabilitation of Injuries with:
    1. Specific spinal strengthening exercise rehabilitation
    2. Hot / Cold Therapies
    3. Advanced, gentle and relaxing spinal adjustments.

"Observational study found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care."
-New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. James Salmi
Tacoma Chiropractor | Acts Chiropractic Center | 253-535-6677

12001 Pacific Ave S., Suite 203
Tacoma, WA 98444

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