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We value our patients' experience at Acts Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view. Please keep in mind, these testimonials are individual experiences and results may vary depending on your personal health status and following prescribed treatment. There is no guarantee of outcome.

Dr. James Salmi
Your Tacoma and SpanawayChiropractor

30 July 2011

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was about 11 years old. Before I started having symptoms, I was a very active kid. I loved riding my bike, climbing trees, running, baseball, dancing…I was a real tomboy. After the symptoms started showing up, I all but quit everything I loved.

I have been on a variety of medications for asthma for most of my life. A couple years ago, I was reading the insert that comes with one of my inhalers which stated that this medication that helps me to live with my condition may also cause me to die from it. It was not very comforting news.

About the same time I read the alarming news about the medication, I also decided I wanted to lose weight (I was about 70 pounds overweight). I could diet, but I could hardly exercise at all. I had to take my rescue inhaler even when walking at a moderate pace and I was afraid to even walk out-of-doors in case I had a bad asthma attack with no one around to help me. I mentioned my frustration to Dr. Salmi's receptionist at the time and she suggested I ask him about getting my ribs adjusted. I was skeptical…how could that help me with respiratory problems? But I took her advice and asked Dr. Salmi about it.

It is about two years later now, and guess what? I exercise regularly (it's one of my favorite things to do now) have lost about 60 pounds, have run in two 5K races, and am looking into getting certified as a group fitness instructor. (I also am not afraid to run outside anymore, as far as asthma attacks go.) With Dr. Salmi's guidance I have reduced the frequency that I take my "daily" asthma medicine from two times per day to one time every three days. I took a breathing test last year which indicated that I was breathing in the normal range for a person without asthma! This has also saved me a considerable amount of money. The medication, taken twice daily, costs about $240/month; it now costs about $40/month. It has been a long, slow process but there has been a definite, noticeable improvement in the quality of my life.

Dr. Salmi not only is interested in helping overcome medical problems, but also in explaining how your body works and how the adjustments work. He listens well and has great advice about adjusting your diet, too. Thank you, Dr. Salmi!

Following a suicide driver slamming into me head on, I experienced severe head, neck, and low back pain. (impact was approx. 150 MPH) After being treated by Dr. Salmi I've been given a second chance to live! I can swim and workout again and I can return to living and creating my world. THANK YOU DR & SALMI & STAFF. You Are All Life Savers. In this office I felt safety, hope, and love.- Ingrid L.

Before coming to Dr. Salmi I was unable to sleep all night due to pain in my back and leg. I had constant pain, and was limping. Now, I am able to sleep all night with very little top no pain. My limping has decreased and is now sometimes completely absent.I also have so much more energy, and because I'm not so absorbed by pain I am much more "present" in life. Yay!- Michele

My personal life has been enhanced tremendously. My husband is very happy not to hear me complaining about my back constantly. I am able to work out at the YMCA regularly which has helped me lose some weight. I seem to have more energy and do not travel with painkillers to help me sleep comfortably. As for my asthma, I have gone off my inhaler and antihistamines. I recently went to have my physical and my doctor told me my lungs were clear! I feel much better not taking all those drugs.

Coming to Dr. Salmi's office has changed my life for the better.He explains everything he does and often challenges me to change my way of thinking about my health.

Thank You Dr. Salmi!!!- Barbara

This office is the BEST! My appointments are easy to make & always on time. I am able to be more active now. I Love to hike & camp and with the pain I had it was not enjoyable. Now I can get back to it! Thanks so much Doc. I've learned a few more jokes, too! -Sheree

Dr. Salmi is not only the BEST, but he explains the healing process so we can do our stretches the most effective way. My husband and I were in a car accident and it was very hard and painful to even read, dress, and just do everyday things. Thanks to Dr. Salmi and the massage I am 99% free of pain and able to do everything I used to before. And the ladies are friendly, helpful and love the quiz questions every week. Massage was great! Today I am a very happy person thanks to Dr. Salmi, and everybody in the office!!! I would recommend them to everybody!!!!  -Gyongyi

I had increasing low back pain for over a month, eventually becoming more severe. Now, I don't have to plan my day around what will cause me pain. I can do my job without worrying about my back going out on me. And I love going for walks with my dogs that Dr. Salmi instructed me to do. I feel so much better and am getting back to doing all my normal activities without pain. All the staff are so friendly and helpful. - Veronica

Overnight I got some relief after first visit. It took time/ coldpacks/ exercise and Dr. Salmi's good works to get back to normal, but I feel 10 years younger! - Chris

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